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Day of mourning for Don Vasco de Quiroga - March 14th. Easter - Semana Santa - annual date change

Monday March 30

 This day (March 14th) honours and celebrates the  justly venerated "Tata" Vasco, first Bishop of Michoacan and founder of Patzcuaro and the first educational institution in Michoacan, the Colegio de San Nicolas Obispo (now the Museum of Arts and Industry).   

Semana Santa - Holy Week - Easter is usually celebrated sometime in March and/or earlyApril.  Dates change annually, so be sure to check! Patzcuaro is justly famous for its Procession of Silence, and many other Easter Week celebrations,  as well as the Annual Craft Fair in the Plaza Grande.

Uruapan - Palm Sunday Weekend (the weekend before Easter Sunday - changes annually) This is the State wide Concourso (Arts and Crafts Competition) and sale  that showcases the wonderfully talented artisans  and artisania of Michoacan.  

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